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You Get What You Ask For

Objective of the Meeting: Reinforce the value of assumptive language in the sales process.


How Often is Always?

Sometimes we get into a pattern of communication that leaves a lot to interpretation. In a group exercise we evaluate a list of words that can be the cause of misinterpretation.


Customer Turnover

Have the tellers and sales team learn when, why and how to do a customer turn over. Often a customer is allowed to walk out of a negotiation with a sales person never having had the opportunity to speak with the manager and lose control of the sale.


Dress For Success

A look at how opinions are formed based on how people are dressed. Through group discussion look at what impressions we give our customers, and what needs to be changed.


What's in it for me?

A look at "The Power of Why" - Everyone feels better about doing something if they know what's in it for me. There are a lot of things we try to do in sales and service that benefit the client, ourselves, and our financial institution.