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You Get What You Ask For

Objective of the Meeting: Reinforce the value of assumptive language in the sales process.


Products and Problems

Objective of the Meeting:
1. Help the team develop questions they can ask clients to uncover unexpressed needs that your products can solve.


How to Develop Transition Questions

Objective of the Meeting: A big part of selling effectively is having the ability to successfully lead your client through the steps of the sale by smoothly transitioning between steps.


Conversational Selling – Starting the Conversation Part 2

Focusing on the importance of a good interview and starting the conversation. Working on scripts in groups based on the three step process for interviewing and how to lead the member into a conversation.

Materials: Flip Chart

Time Needed:20 - 30 Minutes


Conversational Selling – Starting the Conversation Part 1

Techniques for your tellers and sales team to work on ways to sell without seeming pushy to their clients. Learn how to lead the client to a buying decision, ask the right questions and have the client make up their own mind.