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After Training Starter Sales Meetings

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Developing Conversation Starters

Our products are just solutions to people's problems. If the customer doesn't feel they have a problem we can't start presenting. Have the team learn some conversation starters to avoid launching into a presentation and coming across as pushy.


Features, Benefits, Odds and Ends

Have some fun developing an effective presentation for some of your products that may be confusing to customers. Look at customizing and personalizing benefits of any product to an individual.

Materials: Flip Chart, Markers, Odds and Ends (see list below)


The Introduction

In this meeting you will use good and bad role play to demonstrate the power of the introduction to have a thorough look at all the necessary components of a good introduction.

Topic:  The Introduction
Materials:  Flip Chart
Time Needed: 20 - 30 Minutes
SME 0500-02


The Importance of Asking

Research has shown us that most sales people are not asking for the sale because they are uncomfortable asking or they have set the sale up wrong and it is unnatural or awkward to ask for the sale.


Logical Presentations

The purpose of this meeting to help the team develop better sales presentation skills that keep
the client involved and interested.