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Building Added Value

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What's Your Best Rate?

Find ways to deal with customers who want to put price/rate issues so quickly in the sales process. A look at the Buyers Plan vs. the Sellers Plan and how to put product before price.


What's Our Story?

In a competitive market with so many choices and options often the deciding factor comes down to where the customer feels most comfortable. Where do they feel good about the people and the company? Who do they trust?


Value Ladder

A review of what it means to Building Added Value and group sessions on brainstorming ways to build our ' Value Ladder' to reinforce our story and take building added value to the next level.


Stuff or Fluff?

Just telling a prospect that we have great service is fluff! -  In this meeting we are going to have a look at all the things we might say to differentiate our company from the competition AND make sure that they are not just fluff that everyone says!


Why Should I Buy Here?

Have the team focus on what differentiates us from the competition. Learn what to say to the clients that will build added value.

Materials: Flip Chart, Markers.
Time Needed: 22 Minutes

SME 0606-02

Introduction (1 Minute)