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Advanced Sales Training for Credit Unions, Banks and Lenders

Even the best thought out sales strategies in the financial industry will still encounter objections for clients. Knowing what to say to competently respond to and resolve those objections will improve sales dramatically in your financial institution.

Course Content:

  •     How to sell on value and not rate.
  •     How to avoid objections before they even come up.
  •     How to resolve the major objections:

               1. Rate
               2. Shop around
               3. Think about it
               4. Talk to spouse

  •     Negotiating skills for financial services.
  •     Prospecting strategies to drive new business.
  •     Follow up skills to gain new business.
  •     Getting more referrals from existing clients in an organized, systematic fashion.
  •     How to set up your next sale to a client through a strong delivery.

Duration: 1 day

Sales seminar for credit unions