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Cross Sell

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Why Are They Here?

Having clients come in and consistently ask for and expect the best rate can mess up a person's attitude quite easily. It doesn't take long before we start to believe that nobody will buy unless we have the best rate and that they are not interested in anything else.


What do you have in common with your customers?

Have you ever been asked by your manager: "What did you have in common with the last people you met with?" It is a great question that a manager could ask you about the people you are serving.


Top 8 sales strategies for greeters

A highly skilled and personable person in the greeter or reception role is invaluable to the sales process.


The secret of consultative cross-selling or up-selling

There are many components that go into a successful sale and while I am hesitant to narrow it down to just one thing I will share with you a simple concept that you could consider a "secret" to cross selling success. Of course, it's really not a secret – few selling techniques are.


Investment Opportunities for Lenders

I was in a branch recently speaking with a group of investment people. I asked what sales goals they were working on that week.