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Psychology of Selling

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You Get What You Ask For

Objective of the Meeting: Reinforce the value of assumptive language in the sales process.


Fear Factor

Tap into the group’s experience to share ideas on overcoming fears associated with selling.

Materials:  Flip chart & markers; COACHING NOTES
Time Needed: 22 Minutes


What's in it for me?

A look at "The Power of Why" - Everyone feels better about doing something if they know what's in it for me. There are a lot of things we try to do in sales and service that benefit the client, ourselves, and our financial institution.



How can we make a product or service sound more inviting by using positive words?


Styles of Selling

Review and discussion with the team on the different approaches to selling, and which one is the most effective in discovering the customers problems to enable to provide the best service and products for solutions.