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Interview Skills

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The biggest sales mistake you could be making

Presentation Overload


Responding to the rate driven client

Whenever we ask participants for course objectives in our training sessions inevitably someone asks if we are going to cover how you respond to a rate driven client. It’s a very common challenge that many struggle with.


Why are Some Questions so Difficult to Ask?

It seems that some questions are difficult to ask. They must be because we see people taking forever to develop that habit of asking their clients more detailed problem questions.
What are we trying to do?


Why Questions Work

Questions direct the focus of our brains. When someone is talking we can be listening to them, or thinking about whatever it is we want to be thinking about. When someone asks us a question however, we are compelled to answer.


Increase your confidence in selling

Why is it that when a client walks into our branch and tells us they have some money to invest we typically have no problem selling to them?