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Our Sales Training History

The roots of Fusion Performance Group go back to 1987 with a sales training company called ISI which focused on the automotive industry. In 1990 ISI was approached by the COO of what was then Pacific Coast Savings in Victoria, BC. PCSCU had previously spent a considerable amount of money and time in service and sales training that had little or no effect when it came to changing the behavior of front-line staff. One of the board members suggested that training companies from the banking industry don't even understand sales and sales management. He recommended they look outside the industry for help in changing the transactional order taking culture that they were accustomed to, to one of professional service and pro-activity.

Of course when they approached us we were a little reluctant to launch into another industry. So naturally we devised a comprehensive proposal that we thought PCSCU would find too expensive. They said yes. The program was highly successful and we were officially launched into the financial services market. The transformation at PCSCU brought additional clients anxious to duplicate their success. We added more personnel, refined the training materials, and continued to grow and specialize in sales processes for the financial services industry.

In 1998 we restructured forming a new company to focus strictly on the financial services industry. ISI / PAL Automotivaters Inc. continues to be a highly successful international company serving the automotive industry. Our recent rebranding has given us a new look that speaks to the expansion of our services beyond the delivery of sales and sales management training. For our clients we really do create performance through the Fusion of sales and service. Strategy. Execution. Achievement.