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Telephone Scripts

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Outgoing Call Script

Type: Outgoing Call Script
Topic:  High Balance, Low Interest Bearing Account

The motivator for the client to do something with these funds is going to be their desire to have their money work harder.

Sample Script


Outgoing Call Script - RRSP

The following is a four-step introduction you can customize for any outgoing call:


New Account Manager Introduction Call

The main idea behind making a new account manager call is to introduce oneself to the client. That objective makes total sense if your account managers are in the practice of regularly (2 x per year min.) calling their clients in a follow up capacity.


Incoming Rate / Product Inquiry

Companies spend thousands and thousands of dollars in marketing and advertising with one primary objective: to have prospective customers contact them to purchase their products and services.


How to Script the Introduction to a Call

The following is a three-step introduction you can use for any outgoing call:

1. Introduce yourself and the company you work for (slowly and clearly – remember to breathe!) and make sure you’ve got the right person.