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Responding to the rate driven client

Whenever we ask participants for course objectives in our training sessions inevitably someone asks if we are going to cover how you respond to a rate driven client. It’s a very common challenge that many struggle with.


You Want to Think About It?

Have you ever been listening to a sales person wax on and on about a product that you have absolutely no interest in? We all have. What do you typically do in that circumstance?


The Need to be Nosey

An objection that gets raised periodically in training from people that are not comfortable selling is that they don't want to be nosey with some of their customers – especially the ones they know really well (friends, relatives etc.).


Started Great, Ended Poorly

I was out shopping with my son the other evening.  The thought crossed his mind that we should stop at a local furniture store and look for a chair for his room. Despite the fact that we weren't seriously considering buying a chair that night I humoured him and said we could "look".



We talk a lot in our training, newsletters and sales meeting agendas about conducting a good interview that focuses on getting a client to acknowledge a need before we present a product.