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Finding New Business

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Effective Internal Referrals

Group discussion on internal referrals. How we can make them more effective by identifying client needs and present the referral as the best way to address the clients needs.

Materials:  Flip Chart Paper, Markers.
Time Needed: 20 - 25 Minutes
SME 0603-01


We Appreciate Your Business – Can We Have More?

"Getting great service and feeling that a company sincerely appreciates having you as a customer is far too rare!!" In todays meeting we will look at how to follow up with sincere appreciation to our customers and gain more of their business by doing so.


The Internal Referral

Taking a look at scenarios for professional internal referral or hand off of a customer from one service provider in your company to another.

Materials:                 Flip Chart, Markers
Time Needed:          20 Minutes
SME 0504-02


Proactive Introductions

Help your team come up with good introductions to help them get more business in networking situations.
Materials:        Flip Chart, Markers
Time Needed:    23 Minutes
SME 0809-02

Introduction – (3 Minutes)


Outgoing Sales Calls (Part 2) – Scripting Your Introduction

The purpose of this meeting is to make sure that your team knows how to prepare a script for the introduction of their outgoing sales calls.