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Sales Meeting Express for Credit Unions, Banks and Lenders

Sales teams need regular retraining of sales skills and a shot of motivation to continually stay on top of their game. There are two primary reasons why managers don’t do sales meetings: they don’t have time to prepare and/or they don’t know what to talk about that will inspire and train their team.

Sales Meeting Express for the financial industry addresses both of those problems by giving the manager a comprehensive sales meeting agenda so they do not have the headache of coming up with a topic or the time it takes to build a meeting. Sales Meeting Express Agendas include:

  • A comprehensive agenda that addresses a specific sales skill
  • Breakout exercises to encourage participation
  • A specific objective or outcome of the meeting to help the manager stay focused on what is important
  • Timing estimates to help the manager stay on time
  • Facilitator scripting where necessary so the manager can clearly communicate a specific skill
  • Coaching notes so the manager always has the right answer or practical suggestions
  • All the necessary handouts needed to run a professional meeting as well as a list of what props or training aids will be required

Sales meeting express for credit unions