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Our customers' lives are constantly changing. Professional sales and service means being responsive to these changes and looking for opportunities to help.


The Power of Pausing

Illustrate to the team how important it is for them to really hear their clients and how pausing before they reply to a client will help in this.

Materials: Flip Chart, Markers

Time Needed: 23 Minutes

SME 0207-02


Introduction – (1 minute)


Saving "Lost" Business – Part 1

To look at how we can save business that is leaving your company. How to prevent it, how to create better relationships with your clients and devise and action plan for the future.


Saving "Lost" Business – Part 2

A continued look at saving business. When is the best time? Understanding there request and reason for leaving. How to ask the right questions and showing alternatives.


Reduce Sales Resistance

Objective: Provide a technique to reduce potential sales resistance of clients. Also review consumer fears, when and why, sales resistance occurs.