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Coaching the Buying Cycle for Credit Union and Bank Managers

This is a comprehensive sales management seminar that trains credit union and bank managers how to effectively coach the entire sales process for improved performance and results.

Highly practical and immediately applicable to life in the credit union or bank branch – during Coaching the Buying Cycle managers will go step by step through the entire sales process answering the questions:

“How do I know my people need help in this sales skill?”

“What should I coach to help them improve?”

Areas of focus:

  • The psychology of the sale - understanding the motivations of the buyer
  • The power of great introductions
  • Best practices for a professional sales interview
  • Proper product selection
  • Presentation skills that create excitement in the buyer
  • Building added value to offset rate objections
  • Asking for the sale with confidence
  • Resolving objections like a pro
  • Follow up - making good use of the phone
  • Pipeline management and finding new business

Duration: 3 days

Coaching the buying cycle for credit unions