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Asking for a Decision

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Why Ask for the Sale

Help your team see the importance of asking for the sale and understand why they are not asking for the sale (if that is the case) and share ideas on how to get better at asking.


The Importance of Asking

Research has shown us that most sales people are not asking for the sale because they are uncomfortable asking or they have set the sale up wrong and it is unnatural or awkward to ask for the sale.


Helping Clients with a Decision

A look at a conversational way to attempt to overcome an objection. Through discussion examine the situations/objections where they feel the Ben Franklin close would be most applicable.


Shouldn't They Just Buy It?

In this meeting we will discuss the reasons we should ask for the sale AND why we sometimes don't ask for the sale.

Materials:  Flip chart, markers, and tape.
Time Needed: 20 - 30 Minutes
SME 1002-01

Introduction – ( 1 minute )


No or Know?

Sometimes the reason a client says "No" when you ask them to buy is because they do not "know" the process for buying. In this meeting we will look at ways to increase the chances of getting someone to say "Yes".