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DVD - Capitalizing on Investment Opportunities for Lenders

Capitalizing on Investment Opportunities VideoThe skills in this course on DVD will allow the lender to efficiently find out about the customers investments, and get agreement on a plan of action without disturbing the natural flow of the loan interview. The current sales challenge facing many lenders is that historically they have been trained to focus on making sure they write good loans and any suggestion of selling was focused on improving volumes and loan growth. With an increased expectation that they either sell or refer more products and services comes a new problem: how do you effectively talk about other products and services when the customer came in for a loan?

This presentation includes:
A 20 minute DVD presentation that outlines the challenges with selling in a loan interview and describes four simple steps a lender can use to win more investment business from their competitors. To reinforce the points there are a series of dramatizations that clearly show the techniques being used.
A 20 page workbook that is loaded with exercises to reinforce the skills taught in the DVD as well a quiz to measure retention of the material.

This flexible training resource can be used four different ways:
1. Classroom Training – In a class room setting you can view the DVD in its entirety and facilitate the exercises included in this workbook in approximately 2 hours.
2. Sales Meeting Content – The skills involved in this presentation can be broken out into four 20 – 30 minute mini training sessions perfect for the weekly sales meeting.
3. Self Study – An individual can run through the presentation and exercises on their own time meeting their manager periodically to answer quiz questions or review the exercises.
4. Coaching Resource – Use the select a scene menu to cover the skills you want to focus on with a team member during one on one coaching.

Cost: $395.00 CDN

Capitalizing on Investment Opportunities for Lenders video

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