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Follow-up and Referrals

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Follow Up

A look at the different types of follow up with a look at "What's in it for the client?" and the importance of staying in touch long term and the impact on your business.

Materials: Flip chart, Markers, Pens, Small Prizes or Rewards

Time Needed: 26 Minutes

SME 0906-01


Effective Internal Referrals

Group discussion on internal referrals. How we can make them more effective by identifying client needs and present the referral as the best way to address the clients needs.

Materials:  Flip Chart Paper, Markers.
Time Needed: 20 - 25 Minutes
SME 0603-01


When They Don't Buy

How do we follow up with those customers, even the one that don't even buy now? Learn basic strategies and verbiage that they can use when they are in that situation of wanting to follow up on someone that has not bought.


We Appreciate Your Business – Can We Have More?

"Getting great service and feeling that a company sincerely appreciates having you as a customer is far too rare!!" In todays meeting we will look at how to follow up with sincere appreciation to our customers and gain more of their business by doing so.


Unsold Customer Follow-up

A look at how we can follow-up with those customers that make inquiries about our products or services but doesn't buy from us. How long should we wait before following up and what types of activities can we do when we make that call to our unsold customers.