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Product Knowledge Pass the Buck

Using this fun game we will help build the team's product knowledge.

Topic:  Product Knowledge Pass the Buck
Material  Roll of Loonies
Time Needed: 20 - 30 Minutes
SME 1202-02

Introduction – ( 3 minutes )


Going Backwards?

Objective: To reinforce that moving money out of a low interest bearing account into a higher yielding investment is a good opportunity if done correctly.

Materials: Flip Chart and Markers

Time Needed: 22 Minutes


Why Product Dump Works – and Does Not

1. To acknowledge that the sales strategy of product dump does work for certain sales situations
2. To discuss why it works and why we still need to avoid it.


What Does it Do?

A fun game to reinforce that products are just solutions to people’s problems and to help them associate which products relate to which problems.

Materials:  Post-it note pads – 2 colors, Scratch tickets.
Time Needed: 10 minutes preparation; 17 Minutes for the meeting


Three Ways to Sell – Part B

Show how to get the client’s involvement in the sales process and keep them engaged.

Materials: Flip Chart, Markers
Time Needed: 22 Minutes

Introduction – (3 minutes)