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Seminar Sales Training for Credit Unions, Banks and Lenders

Everyone hates a pushy, aggressive sales person. In our on-site sales training we teach service people in the financial industry to be effective at spotting new opportunities and completing the sale, without being pushy and aggressive. We will conduct the sales training in a location of your choosing, or we can arrange that for you. We are very flexible when it comes to scheduling, start and stop times and breaking up the programs into smaller segments. We will customize to fit your requirements!

Course Description Duration Cost

Selling Skills for Service People

A “fusion” of client focused skills and sales strategy that will have your financial team maximizing every opportunity and helping clients satisfy their financial goals and desires. Learn more


seminar sales training for service people

Selling Skills for Service People  - TELLER EDITION

This course will give a credit union and bank teller concrete ideas that will allow them to quickly cross sell and refer without coming across pushy and backing up the line. Learn more


seminar sales training for tellers

Advanced Sales

This course reveals practical approaches that will help any sales person in the financial industry to confidently resolve objections and build long-term client loyalty. Learn more


advances sales training for credit unions

Essence of Sales Management

In this course managers learn the essential activities necessary to be successful in the role of sales manager and coach. Learn more


sales management training for credit unions

Coaching the Buying Cycle

This is an intensive course that trains managers in the entire sales process and how to effectively coach the skills. Learn more


seminar sales training for credit unions

Coaching Advanced Sales

Coach your team in strategies on avoiding common objections and being able to confidently resolve the ones they get. Learn more


sales coaching for credit unions