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Sales Process

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You Get What You Ask For

Objective of the Meeting: Reinforce the value of assumptive language in the sales process.


Present a Pen

The objective of this meeting is to reinforce to the team that selling is a process that begins with steps other than presentation. It will test who on your team still believes that selling is all about talking people into things.


Increase "Closing Rates"

This meeting will provide a good overview of the process of selling and how by hitting all the steps in the process you can increase your odds of completing more sales.


Three Ways to Sell – Part A

Show staff that there are three different ways to approach the selling of a product and that they all have different affects on clients.


Fundamental Sales Skills for Selling Financial Services

Periodically, we have someone call looking for advanced selling courses. They mention all they have done in sales training development and they are looking for something “new”, something “different”, something more advanced.