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Resolving Objections

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We Can't Beat 0% – Can We?

Give your team some fantastic ideas on how to effectively compete against low priced, or 0%  lending options available at car dealerships

Materials:  Flipchart, Markers, Small prizes; Time Needed: 20 - 25 Minutes



Verbal Commitment on Negotiated Rates

Have the team engaging in activities that will help them avoid getting rate objections. Get verbal commitment to buy from clients before they go and give out a special negotiated rate and give them a strategy to follow if the client does not want to give that verbal commitment.


The "Story"

Overcoming objections through our conversations using the story close.  Through discussion and role play the team can practice there stories of those clients who had similar objections but bought anyway.

Materials: Flip Chart

Time Needed: 25 – 30 Minutes

SME 1006 - 01


Helping Clients with a Decision

A look at a conversational way to attempt to overcome an objection. Through discussion examine the situations/objections where they feel the Ben Franklin close would be most applicable.


RRSP Home Stretch - Objections

In this meeting wwe will explore some of the objections we may be getting during our RRSP campaign and see if we can help each other deal with them a little bit better.