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Cameron Marshall, Training Consultant

Cam's high-energy approach will motivate your team to strive for greater achievement. As a veteran sales professional he knows what it takes to succeed in tough times and in any size market. When he left the psychology program at TRU he began his sales career in the automotive industry in 1999. Through the mentorship of the team at Automotivaters, with a drive for success and a commitment to continuous personal development, he became a 9 year member of Honda's prestigious Counsel of Sales Leadership and was one of the top achievers in the country.

While serving as a sales manager, Cam found a passion for leading salespeople and management teams to develop the skills for success. Cam became a student of leadership and success. He began attending countless leadership conferences with keynote speakers like John Maxwell. It is the passion for leading that lead him to leave a successful 12 year career and join the team at Fusion Performance Group and Automotivaters.

Since 2011, Cam's leadership has helped companies throughout the world create significant increases in profit. He has managed and co-managed record breaking Event Sales around the world, and helped companies to increase closing ratios up to 300%!

As a Business Development Manager, Cam is heavily involved in program development and continues to build and deploy specialized programs to help national sales corporations and individual businesses accelerate their profitability.

In today's market, customers around the world are highly informed and require a level of service that is greater and more streamlined than ever before. Cam and the teams at Automotivaters and Fusion Performance Group can help you to the lead the changes that will take your team to new levels of success.