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Asking for the Sale

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To pause or not to pause?

Mastering the art of pausing can be a powerful tool in the sales process. There is however, a time to pause, and a time not to pause.

A time to pause


The Secret to Sales Success

From time to time we get asked what the "secret" to sales effectiveness is. I interpret that to mean, "How do sell everyone every time" – or something close to that.


The Need to be Nosey

An objection that gets raised periodically in training from people that are not comfortable selling is that they don't want to be nosey with some of their customers – especially the ones they know really well (friends, relatives etc.).


Teaching Your Customers To Say NO!

From time to time I go into Safeway to buy a few things. It's not my regular food store but it is a viable choice on the days I'm out of town.


Just Ask

I was in a computer store the other looking at buying a MP3 player. Expecting the worse, I was hoping to be able to decipher the jargon I expected would be coming my way via the sales person and still be able to make an educated decision at the end of it all.