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Product Campaigns & RRSP

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Have a Plan for RSP season

Many branches or individuals head into RSP season late and with no plan. They decide that they will get after it in late January when most of their clients start asking about RSP's and retirement planning. The successful individuals really start to prepare much sooner than that.


Pro's and Con's of Campaigns

Campaigns are a way of life for most financial institutions. When something needs to get sold there is nothing like a good old marketing blitz to make it happen.


Plan for RSP Season

Well the holidays are over and a new year has begun. The first order of business for many of us in financial services at this time of year is to get geared up for RSP season.


Making Successful Calls

The sales process does not change just because you are selling over the phone. The medium is different, the process is the same.


How to Sell During a Campaign

Some people hear different things when they go through our training. Sometimes they only hear part of the message.