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Have a Plan for RSP season

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Many branches or individuals head into RSP season late and with no plan. They decide that they will get after it in late January when most of their clients start asking about RSP's and retirement planning. The successful individuals really start to prepare much sooner than that.

3 Things to Think About and Plan:

Establish goals.
We don't just mean result goals; also consider developing activity, or effort based goals. The clearer you are on what you have to accomplish, by when, the more likely it is to happen.

A. Goals to consider:

* How much do you need to sell? What is your result goal?
* How many deals do you need to sell / day or week to hit your target?
* How many appointments or contacts with clients will you need to have every week to get those deals (assuming not everyone will "close")
* Where will your leads or referrals come from? How many can you expect from internal sources each day? How many walk ins can you anticipate? If those will not create enough traffic to hit your appointment goal then you will have to generate your own traffic by calling potential clients that may be interested in investing.
* How many people will you need to call to book an appointment?
* When will you make the calls?

B. What Are the Critical Activities?
What are you going to say and who are you going to say it to? Many people are guilty of establishing high level result goals and then not being specific enough when it comes to being clear on exactly how they will hit those goals. What are all the logical and natural opportunities that will lend themselves to an RSP conversation with clients? You need to establish what those are and then decide how you will go about leading a client into the right conversations to set yourself up for the chance to talk to them about RSPs.

C. What Support will you Require?
When considering the critical activities and what needs to be done, establish where you may need help. Is there product knowledge training you will need? What support will you require from your manager? Do the people you are relying on for internal referrals know what your expectations are? How can you support them?

Spend time answering these questions and make certain everything possible has been done to set yourself up for success this RSP season.

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