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The Markets Are Falling!

Help the team see that the current financial crisis is a tremendous opportunity. Give them word tracks and questions they can use to start conversations with clients that lead to appointments to review their investments.

Topic: The Markets Are Falling!


The Listening Quiz

With a "Listening Quiz" and discussion, you will have a look at the importance of listening in the sales process. Help them to find the best practice that works for them that they can use personally to help listen to their clients better.


The Basic Qualifying Question

A look at one of the most critical questions in sales to master, a type of question that gives you "permission to sell". In this meeting you will examine examples of qualifying questions that can help them every time they see a problem a member is having that one of your products will solve.


The ABC's of Selling - Scenarios

Introducing customer scenarios and having them work on ways to effectively start sales conversations without appearing to be pushy.


Summer Selling Opportunities

To help the team recognize and capitalize on natural selling opportunities in the summer months.