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Problem Questions

To help the team identify when and why to use problem questions.
Materials: Handouts, Flip Chart, Markers
Time Needed: 25 Minutes
SME 0308-02

Introduction – (3 Minutes)


Problem & Probing Questions

Help your team with being able ask questions to start conversations with members. Using problem and probing quesitons can help us to effectively justifiably present a product or solution.


Present a Pen

The objective of this meeting is to reinforce to the team that selling is a process that begins with steps other than presentation. It will test who on your team still believes that selling is all about talking people into things.



Provide the team with a strategy to set the stage with the client for a professional sales interview as well as how to make it easier to ask difficult questions.

Materials: Flip Chart, Markers

Time Needed: 23 Minutes

SME 0107-02



Open ended questions

Help the team identify when to use open ended questions.Have them develop better questions they can ask specific to their positions and roles.