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Getting More Investments from Customers

A look at our objective during an Investment interview. Help your team get better at starting conversations with the member about the bigger picture when it comes to investing and retirement.

Materials: Flip Chart Paper, Markers

Time Needed: 22 Minutes

SME 0706-01


You Talk Too Much

Learn how to take control of the sales conversation and to beable to direct clients back to the business at hand.

Materials:  Flip Chart or White Board
Time Needed: 20 - 25 Minutes


Three Ways to Sell – Part B

Show how to get the client’s involvement in the sales process and keep them engaged.

Materials: Flip Chart, Markers
Time Needed: 22 Minutes

Introduction – (3 minutes)


Three Ways to Sell – Part A

Show staff that there are three different ways to approach the selling of a product and that they all have different affects on clients.


The Quick Interview

Provide the team with a strategy to efficiently interview to a potential problem/need a client may have.

Materials:                   Flip Chart, Markers
Time Needed:             27 Minutes
SME 1209-01
Introduction – (1 minute)