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Value Ladder

A review of what it means to Building Added Value and group sessions on brainstorming ways to build our ' Value Ladder' to reinforce our story and take building added value to the next level.


Use Your Clues and Cues

In group activity, your team will learn effective sales conversations when they spot "clues" and "cues"
Materials:                Flip Chart Lists (from the last meeting).
Time Needed:         25 – 30 Minutes

Introduction ( 5 Minutes)


Thinking on Your Feet

Objective of the Meeting: Have fun and develop their ability to think quickly while in a sales conversation.

Materials:                 Nothing!
Time Needed:          13 Minutes

Introduction – (1 Minute)


The "Story"

Overcoming objections through our conversations using the story close.  Through discussion and role play the team can practice there stories of those clients who had similar objections but bought anyway.

Materials: Flip Chart

Time Needed: 25 – 30 Minutes

SME 1006 - 01