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Product Campaigns and RRSP

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RSP Transitions

Elevate the importance of dealing with simple RSP rate inquiries.

Materials: Flipchart, Markers
Time Needed: 29 Minutes
SME 0208-01

Introduction – (1 minute)


RSP Objection - No Money

Review how to best respond to clients that say they are not investing in RSP’s this year because they do not have the money.

Materials:        Flip chart, markers, paper and pens
Time Needed:    24 Minutes
SME 0210-01

Introduction – (3 minutes)  


Introducing the RSP Conversation

Get people focused on asking good questions during RSP season.
This meeting is designed to be done in a short amount of time – 10 minutes or less. It is usually best to be done while people are standing so everyone knows it will be more of a “quick huddle” than a meeting.


After the RRSP Season

Refocus the team to capitalize on momentum still existing in March from the RRSP season.

Materials: Flip Chart or White Board
Time Needed: 26 Minutes

SME 0307-01

Introduction – (3 minutes)


A Selling Plan for RRSP Season

Get the team prepared for the RRSP season looking at each component of the RRSP sales process, to ensure they are comfortable and prepared.