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Product Campaigns and RRSP

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Selling During a Mortgage Campaign

Help the team identify activities they can engage in to proactively get more mortgage referrals.


RRSP's? Let's get to the problem

A look at opening questions for the RRSP season. Through Role-play and discussion we will come up with great questions and verbiage to use.

Materials:  Flip chart, markers.
Time Needed: 25 - 45 Minutes
SME 0103-01

Introduction – ( 2 minutes )


RRSP's in March?

Today you will discuss ways to approach your customers about monthly RSP contribution's. A look at what stops people from investing in RSP's at other times of the year.


RRSP Home Stretch - Objections

In this meeting wwe will explore some of the objections we may be getting during our RRSP campaign and see if we can help each other deal with them a little bit better.


RRSP – Plan of Attack

Prepare your team with an organized plan for the upcoming RSP season, through group discussion you will set up a "sales plan of attack". Who sells RSP's?, what is the procedure? How do we handle rate inquiries over the phone?