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Product Campaigns and RRSP

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RRSP – Best Opening Statement for the MSR

Working with the team, in this meeting we are going to come up with some good statements and questions to get and RSP conversation started on the front line. Reveiw of the interview process and our rules for selling.


Overcoming RRSP Objections

Present your team with this effective way to overcome some of the most common and difficult RRSP objections.
Materials:                  Flip Chart & Markers
Time Needed:           20 – 30 Minutes
SME  0102 - 02


Holiday Objections

A look at some typical objections we get during the holiday season when trying to focus on RSP sales with our customers. Give your team an effective process for resolving these objections.
Materials:  Flipchart, Markers
Time Needed: 24 Minutes
SME 1204-01


Whew! RRSP Season is over! Or is it?

A look back at the RRSP season and why some of our clients didn't buy and how to start up sales conversations to take advantage of the customer awareness that still exists and have the team committ to those post-RRSP Season.


Scripting RSP Calls

Help your team prepare a script for their RSP calls.

Materials: Handouts, Flip Chart and Markers
Time Needed: 31 Minutes