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Selling Skills for Service People in the Financial Services Industry

Through a practical application of proven sales skills participants will get the confidence they need to successfully compete for all of their client’s business in the financial services industry. This comprehensive online video course builds on the theory in the Introduction to Selling Skills for Service People course.

The Introduction to Selling Skills for Service People is a prerequisite for this course. Get both courses now and save money!

Course Content:

  • A comprehensive sales strategy that mirrors the client’s buying process.
  • The difference between service and selling in the financial services industry.
  • Ineffective selling behaviours that hinder performance.
  • Working with the client’s mental ownership during the sales process.
  • Understanding client fears and how they adversely affect the sale.
  • The right attitude to have when kicking off the new account opening interview.
  • Five things new clients tell you just by showing up to your place of business.
  • Two critical interview skills to master.
  • Five different types of questions that uncover client needs.
  • How to quickly get investment referrals during a lending interview.
  • A quick interview technique to expand the products per client during a new account opening.
  • Interviewing to get more of the client’s investment dollar.
  • Eleven critical activities in preparation for your next appointment.
  • Converting the phone and in-person rate inquiry to sit-down appointments.
  • The number one job of a service focused sales person.
  • Product presentation skills that increase value for clients.
  • Why sales people do not typically ask for the sale and what to do about it.
  • How to ask for the sale without being pushy or aggressive.

Duration: Approx. 3 hours

Cost: $149 CDN (Single-person license for 60 days after first login)

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Selling skills for service people

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