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Introduction to Selling Skills for Service People in the Financial Services Industry

Get them started right! Why not have the team set up for success by giving them proven sales skills and building blocks they will need to build a successful career in selling financial services. With a creative use of video facilitation, breakout exercises and quizzes, this 7 module online course is designed to be a first step into the world of selling financial services.

Course Content:

  • How to feel positive about the role of sales person by seeing selling from a service focused point of view.
  • Two rules of selling to master to avoid being perceived as pushy.
  • How client’s buying decisions affect the sale.
  • Why rate is not as important as most people think.
  • Why first impressions matter and three objectives for a powerful introduction.
  • How to distinguish between legitimate opportunities to sell and wishful thinking.
  • Questions that get clients talking.
  • How to target questions to explore and maximize opportunity.
  • Talking about your products in a style that commands a client’s attention.
  • How to bring the sale to a conclusion without pressuring the client.

Course For:

  • New hires that need a quick start to understanding the sales process during their orientation.
  • People new to selling that want to begin with a solid skill foundation.
  • Employees that will eventually attend Fusion Performance Group’s 2-Day Selling Skills for Service People.
  • Experienced sales people that desire to go to another level of success through a solid grounding in the fundamentals.
  • Employees that plan to take either of the following online courses:
    • Selling Skills for Service People in The Financial Service Industry
    • Selling Skills for Service People - TELLER EDITION

Duration: 1 hour 17 minutes

Cost: $149 CDN (Single-person license for 60 days after first login)

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Selling skills for service people

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