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Effective Renewal Calls - Facilitator Edition

This multiuser, multimedia edition of the course is designed for organizations that would like an internal trainer to teach multiple participants how to make more effective renewal calls. By effective we mean that they will take the call beyond simply asking the client what they want to do. They will first try to secure an appointment, and if that cannot be accomplished, they will go through a sales process  that not only attempts to retain the business, but to also explore for additional needs. While the examples use for this training are for an investment renewal call, the concepts can be easily extrapolated for mortgage renewals.

The Facilitator Edition is designed with excercises and group discussion to take approximately 2 hours. The program provides the facilitator 1 year access for Unlimited Participants* and these powerful support tools:

  • Video Train-the-trainer - This video, designed exclusively for the individuals leading the course, is loaded with facilitation tips and recommendations to make sure your learners get the most from the program.
  • Facilitator guide - This comprehensive leader’s resource mirrors the Participant Manual and includes learning objectives for all content, exercises and breakouts, as well as an answer key.
  • Manual for participants - Print out as many manuals as you need and have your team follow along taking notes.
  • Sample scripts - Sometimes you may need to give the team ideas on what a good call will sound like. Choose from a few different scripts that have proven to be effective.
  • Coaching Ideas - What do you do after the training? This coaching resource will give you practical ideas on how to keep the momentum strong.

*Unlimited participants for the length of the subscription provided they are employees of the company that purchases the course. This course does NOT provide licence for a facilitator to charge participants for this training.

Cost: $495 CDN



Screenshot of online learning interface effective renewal calls

The program content includes:

  • The need for reaching out to client increases as technology reduces in person contact with financial institutions.
  • Difference between selling in person and on the phone.
  • Sales is not a dirty word! How by being proactive we are helping clients and by not, we are providing less than optimal service.
  • 6 compelling reasons for making a renewal call.
  • People buy solutions to problems, not products. Understanding the common financial challenges facing your clients.
  • The importance of asking the client for a face to face meeting.
  • Common incorrect assumptions typically made when calling renewals.
  • Example of a call made poorly and discussion around why.
  • How to prepare for making the calls.
  • Simple 4 step process to get the conversation started.
  • Example of a call done well.
  • What to do when the client does not want to meet face to face.
  • Investigating additional opportunities.
  • A technique to help people ask difficult questions.
  • How to ask the client to progress to the next step in the sale.
  • Example of taking the call beyond the initial need.

All pricing listed below is in Canadian dollars.

Course Description Duration Cost

Facilitator Edition

The facilitator would need a computer with sound & video capability, internet access, and connection to a projector. They would stop the video presentation at set times marked out by the Guide to facilitate the suggested breakout exercises and discussion. What’s included?

  • Video Train-the-trainer
  • Facilitator guide
  • Manual for participants
  • Sample scripts
  • Coaching Ideas

With exercises, 2 hours (depending on scope of discussions)

1 Year Access

Unlimited Participants


online selling skills for service people

Single User Edition

This single user, self-study multimedia course is for those who want to make more effective renewal calls. By effective we mean that they will take the call beyond simply asking the client what they want to do.

More details on the single user version? Click Here.

50 Minutes

90 Day Access


Online sales training for service people

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