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Sales Process

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As people get more and more refined with their sales process they begin to execute on the individual steps of the sale with more confidence.


What stands in the way of more sales?

Financial institutions have strategies and plans for almost every part of the business. They have marketing plans, IT infrastructure plans, plans for how much risk they will tolerate, and plans for what they will do if a disaster strikes.


Strong Desire to Service

Do you have a strong enough desire to help your clients?


SOLD! ... Do People Really Want to Be?

I have always said that people do not want to be sold, but that they love to buy. We all hate pushy sales people, that's a given. But there is one thing I have found that people hate more than pushy sales people and that is the idea that they themselves will become a pushy sales person.


Selling Tips for the Younger Person

Recently I was approached by a couple of young people that were new to the role of selling in financial services. I was impressed by their keen desire to learn and quick grasp of the sales techniques we were discussing.