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Buying Cycle Overview- Part 2

Continuation of review of the Buying Cycle. Looking at the importance of each step and the potential consequences if these steps are not done or not done well.

Materials:  Flip Chart or White Board, Drawing of the Buying Cycle
Time Needed: 29 Minutes
SME 0507-02


Buying Cycle Overview- Part 1

Review the Buying Cycle and provide a clear picture of how all the various steps interrelate.


Benefit Relay

Have fun while revisiting the skills involved in the quick interview.

Materials: Small Prizes (scratch & wins, loonies etc), Hardcover Books, Spoons, Kleenex
Time Needed: 25 - 30 Minutes

Introduction – (3 minutes)


Becoming a Fantastic C.L.O.S.E.R.

Help your team come up with language to use for a product presentation and close.


A Sales Christmas Carol

Learn by sharing as a group sales stories of the past, what went well and why, what is being done now, and what can we learn from our past experiences to improve in the future.