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Fun and Games

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The Greatest Sales Stories Ever

Looking at the sales success stories of from your team, we can be constantly improving sales skills by asking themselves after each sale what they did well, and what they could do better next time.


The Buying Cycle

This exercise is designed as a fun way to review the steps that everyone should know, but sometimes forget. It's an excellent opportunity to reiterate the training that has gone on and remind people of the importance of being clear on their objectives with each section of the buying cycle.



With use of a fun game, your team will learn that many times we can miss opportunities to help our customers with additional products if we fail to take a closer look at their circumstances.


Sales with E's

A fun game to examine sales related words that apply to us daily.

Materials:  Flip Chart, Markers, Roll of Loonies
Time Needed: 20 - 25 Minutes
SME 1099-02

Introduction – (5 minutes)


Sales & Service ABC's.

A fun game to have a review about Sales & Service to put it on top of mind.

Materials:                 Bean Bag or Nerf Ball (something light to toss around)
Time Needed:          20 Minutes
SME 0603-02

Introduction (2 Minutes)