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Customer Turnover

Have the tellers and sales team learn when, why and how to do a customer turn over. Often a customer is allowed to walk out of a negotiation with a sales person never having had the opportunity to speak with the manager and lose control of the sale.


Developing Conversation Starters

Our products are just solutions to people's problems. If the customer doesn't feel they have a problem we can't start presenting. Have the team learn some conversation starters to avoid launching into a presentation and coming across as pushy.


Don't be pushy – Use a Buffer!

To have the team learn the effective use of "Buffers" to help the sales staff when they are not feeling comfortable asking questions or suggesting products. Buffers help to soften our language so as to not come across as pushy or too aggressive.


Dress For Success

A look at how opinions are formed based on how people are dressed. Through group discussion look at what impressions we give our customers, and what needs to be changed.