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Can you coach a result?

We often find ourselves coaching managers and helping them clarify what their true role is in sales management. Sometimes they look puzzled when we say: "Your job is not really managing sales or even growing sales." The sales manager's highest value comes from developing people.


Term Renewal Calls with Script

Objective of the Meeting: The purpose of this meeting is to help your team prepare for calls on GIC Term renewals.


What stands in the way of more sales?

Financial institutions have strategies and plans for almost every part of the business. They have marketing plans, IT infrastructure plans, plans for how much risk they will tolerate, and plans for what they will do if a disaster strikes.


Conversational Selling – Starting the Conversation Part 2

Focusing on the importance of a good interview and starting the conversation. Working on scripts in groups based on the three step process for interviewing and how to lead the member into a conversation.

Materials: Flip Chart

Time Needed:20 - 30 Minutes


Conversational Selling – Starting the Conversation Part 1

Techniques for your tellers and sales team to work on ways to sell without seeming pushy to their clients. Learn how to lead the client to a buying decision, ask the right questions and have the client make up their own mind.