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Why Are They Here?

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Having clients come in and consistently ask for and expect the best rate can mess up a person's attitude quite easily. It doesn't take long before we start to believe that nobody will buy unless we have the best rate and that they are not interested in anything else. It takes a conscious effort on our part to keep our attitude positive in those critical first moments when we meet a new client.  We need to ask ourselves: "Why are they here?"

What is the number one thing we know about someone when they arrive at our branch and ask us a question about a loan or investment product or price?

Something has changed!

Something has changed in their life that makes what they are currently doing no longer suitable. Changes in family, recreation, occupation, or finances can all trigger a need for your products and services.  They could be planning a renovation of their home and need financing; they could be tired of the weather and planning a spontaneous trip to warmer weather; maybe they have got themselves into too much credit card debit and they need help reducing the monthly payment and getting out of the cycle they are in. The point is that something has changed otherwise they wouldn't be here!

Rarely do people decide to call around or stop by a financial institution for fun. Imagine after a busy week a couple discussing their upcoming weekend: "Say honey let's go visit a bunch of Banks and Credit Unions tomorrow and shop our mortgage. It'll be a great way to spend the Saturday morning, going from place to place annoying the employees by pretending we're interested in buying from them – it'll be fun!"

What else do we know about people just by them coming into the branch or calling about our rates?

1. They have a need or a want. Lots of people think shopping for financial services is like visiting the dentist! They only do it when they have to.
2. The timing is right.  Easy access to information via the internet means that many clients have completed their research before their first branch visit. This is not an impulse purchase. People are not that organized that they go shopping for financial services months in advance.
3. Our company is acceptable. People don't bother visiting a financial institution that they won't do business with.
4. They will consider our products.
5. They may no longer be happy with their current financial institution.  If they are, why are they talking to you? Bottom line: you have a legitimate shot at getting this business.
6. They are looking for professional service.
7. They need someone to justify value.

Now let's go back to the branch where we are meeting that couple who is just looking for a quote.  We need to "play the right movie" in our head.  Don't play that movie that goes: "Oh great, here comes another rate shopper – those people don't look like they are serious." We need to expect to win.  We need to say to ourselves: "Excellent, I'm going to help those nice people get their financing for their home. They are here for a reason and out of all the places they could choose from to get a quote they chose us."

When you consciously check your attitude before you walk out to meet them an interesting thing happens.  You walk taller with more confidence. You make eye contact; smile and you welcome them with enthusiasm.  They get a better first impression of you than they did at the competition.

We need to remember that our clients are shopping just as much for a salesperson and financial institution as they are a rate.  People feel comfortable saying yes to our services only after they know, like, and trust us.  Your professional service starts with your attitude at the critical meet and greet.

So do that "attitude check" at the beginning and remember what we know just by them showing up:  something has changed that makes them want or need our products… and you can help them get it!

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