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New Account Manager Introduction Call

The main idea behind making a new account manager call is to introduce oneself to the client. That objective makes total sense if your account managers are in the practice of regularly (2 x per year min.) calling their clients in a follow up capacity.


Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Legislation vs. Sales

It was brought to my attention a short while ago that the new "Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Legislation" could really hamper the sales efforts of the team – especially when opening new accounts. At first glance that could be true and the way many people are feeling.


Making Successful Calls

The sales process does not change just because you are selling over the phone. The medium is different, the process is the same.


Making it easy to move the sale along

The goal in any sale is to keep things progressing toward a decision. It's when things stall that people start to lose interest – both the client and the sales person!