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Sales Tips

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Selling Tips for the Younger Person

Recently I was approached by a couple of young people that were new to the role of selling in financial services. I was impressed by their keen desire to learn and quick grasp of the sales techniques we were discussing.


Selling Tips for Bank Tellers

Tellers have the toughest job in the world when it comes to selling. They are told to spot opportunities, cross sell products and services all while keeping their line ups to a minimum. Is it any wonder why they find it difficult to sell?


Sales Focused or Service Focused?

I heard it again recently, someone trying to describe their financial institution's philosophy on selling and they said, "We're service focused not sales focused".


Pro's and Con's of Campaigns

Campaigns are a way of life for most financial institutions. When something needs to get sold there is nothing like a good old marketing blitz to make it happen.


Plan for RSP Season

Well the holidays are over and a new year has begun. The first order of business for many of us in financial services at this time of year is to get geared up for RSP season.