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Sales Tips

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Strong Desire to Service

Do you have a strong enough desire to help your clients?


Started Great, Ended Poorly

I was out shopping with my son the other evening.  The thought crossed his mind that we should stop at a local furniture store and look for a chair for his room. Despite the fact that we weren't seriously considering buying a chair that night I humoured him and said we could "look".



We talk a lot in our training, newsletters and sales meeting agendas about conducting a good interview that focuses on getting a client to acknowledge a need before we present a product.


SOLD! ... Do People Really Want to Be?

I have always said that people do not want to be sold, but that they love to buy. We all hate pushy sales people, that's a given. But there is one thing I have found that people hate more than pushy sales people and that is the idea that they themselves will become a pushy sales person.


Selling vs. Buying

“Sell more products!” “Get more share of the client’s wallet!” “Cross sell!”