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What stands in the way of more sales?

Financial institutions have strategies and plans for almost every part of the business. They have marketing plans, IT infrastructure plans, plans for how much risk they will tolerate, and plans for what they will do if a disaster strikes.


You Want to Think About It?

Have you ever been listening to a sales person wax on and on about a product that you have absolutely no interest in? We all have. What do you typically do in that circumstance?


Word of Mouth

When asked how most financial institutions get new business most will say it's by "word of mouth advertising". Word of mouth is by far the most cost effective and easiest way to get new business.


Why Questions Work

Questions direct the focus of our brains. When someone is talking we can be listening to them, or thinking about whatever it is we want to be thinking about. When someone asks us a question however, we are compelled to answer.


Why Product Dump Works … and Doesn't

For any of you that have been trained by a Fusion Performance Group consultant you'll know that we rail against the concept of product dump. For clarity purposes, product dump occurs when a sales person suggests a product to a client before knowing whether the client needs it or not.