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Sales Meeting Express

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The Markets Are Falling!

Help the team see that the current financial crisis is a tremendous opportunity. Give them word tracks and questions they can use to start conversations with clients that lead to appointments to review their investments.

Topic: The Markets Are Falling!


The Listening Quiz

With a "Listening Quiz" and discussion, you will have a look at the importance of listening in the sales process. Help them to find the best practice that works for them that they can use personally to help listen to their clients better.


The Invisible Obvious

Remind the team that some sales opportunities or techniques do not get engaged in
consistently even though they are obvious and effective. Help identify obvious sales techniques that are not being used consistently, that if used, would significantly impact results for the positive.


The Introduction

In this meeting you will use good and bad role play to demonstrate the power of the introduction to have a thorough look at all the necessary components of a good introduction.

Topic:  The Introduction
Materials:  Flip Chart
Time Needed: 20 - 30 Minutes
SME 0500-02


The Internal Referral

Taking a look at scenarios for professional internal referral or hand off of a customer from one service provider in your company to another.

Materials:                 Flip Chart, Markers
Time Needed:          20 Minutes
SME 0504-02