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Unsold Customer Follow-up

A look at how we can follow-up with those customers that make inquiries about our products or services but doesn't buy from us. How long should we wait before following up and what types of activities can we do when we make that call to our unsold customers.


Thinking on Your Feet

Objective of the Meeting: Have fun and develop their ability to think quickly while in a sales conversation.

Materials:                 Nothing!
Time Needed:          13 Minutes

Introduction – (1 Minute)


The "Story"

Overcoming objections through our conversations using the story close.  Through discussion and role play the team can practice there stories of those clients who had similar objections but bought anyway.

Materials: Flip Chart

Time Needed: 25 – 30 Minutes

SME 1006 - 01


The Power of Questions

It is our job as sales people is to help people make decisions. We do this by asking them the right questions that get them to open up and by leading them through a logical process that results in a decision.


The Power of Pausing

Illustrate to the team how important it is for them to really hear their clients and how pausing before they reply to a client will help in this.

Materials: Flip Chart, Markers

Time Needed: 23 Minutes

SME 0207-02


Introduction – (1 minute)