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We Appreciate Your Business – Can We Have More?

"Getting great service and feeling that a company sincerely appreciates having you as a customer is far too rare!!" In todays meeting we will look at how to follow up with sincere appreciation to our customers and gain more of their business by doing so.



How can we make a product or service sound more inviting by using positive words?


Verbal Commitment on Negotiated Rates

Have the team engaging in activities that will help them avoid getting rate objections. Get verbal commitment to buy from clients before they go and give out a special negotiated rate and give them a strategy to follow if the client does not want to give that verbal commitment.


Value Ladder

A review of what it means to Building Added Value and group sessions on brainstorming ways to build our ' Value Ladder' to reinforce our story and take building added value to the next level.


Use Your Clues and Cues

In group activity, your team will learn effective sales conversations when they spot "clues" and "cues"
Materials:                Flip Chart Lists (from the last meeting).
Time Needed:         25 – 30 Minutes

Introduction ( 5 Minutes)