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What's in it for me?

A look at "The Power of Why" - Everyone feels better about doing something if they know what's in it for me. There are a lot of things we try to do in sales and service that benefit the client, ourselves, and our financial institution.


What Does That Mean?

Sometimes we get into a pattern of communication that leaves a lot to interpretation. In a group exercise we evaluate a list of words that can be the cause of "fuzzy language".


We're Better Than Them!

Remind staff about how competitive they are against the competition. Using a fun, high energy game refresh the team of your competitive advantages and product knowledge.


We Can't Beat 0% – Can We?

Give your team some fantastic ideas on how to effectively compete against low priced, or 0%  lending options available at car dealerships

Materials:  Flipchart, Markers, Small prizes; Time Needed: 20 - 25 Minutes



We Call Them? – They Call Us?

Today's topic is important because what we are finding out in the branches is that after a sales person attempts to make a sale/referral, if it is unsuccessful, they have a tendency to let the person leave without any plan for follow up.